Is bankruptcy the solution to your problems?

Is Bankruptcy the Solution to your Problems?

You've come to the right place.  We are here to help.  Our trustees are compassionate and understanding. 

We ensure that your rights are protected

At our firm your confidential meeting with a trustee is free so that you can understand your options before you make a decision.

We are licenced by the Federal Government and we do not act as agents for creditors.

Do not hesitate to ask us for a second opinion.  Unless you have met with a licenced trustee, you may not know all the facts!

Our Team

Robert Rusinek, C.A., President (Retired)

Patrick Bloomfield, B.A., Trustee in Bankruptcy

Dr. Jacques (Jojo) Rusinek,  Trustee in Bankruptcy

Relief is closer than you think

We have five offices across the Greater Toronto Area.

Toronto area - please call 416.288.8048

Oshawa area - please call 905.571.3337

Rusinek & Associates Inc., Trustees in Bankruptcy Main office:

2401 Eglinton Avenue East,  Suite 311

Toronto, Ontario. Canada  M1K 2M5

Telephone (416) 288-8048

Facsimile (416) 288-8429

Email us at

Civic Address:  2401 Eglinton Avenue East
Suite 311
Toronto, ON
M1K 2M5
Website:   Visit our Website
E-mail:   Contact Us
Phone:   416-288-8048
Fax:   416-288-8429
Category:  Legal
Consulting - Business Services
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